In Memoriam: Musings on Mortality

(March 21 - April 21, 2017)

My first solo art show features two interactive sound installation grappling with the notions of grief - more specifically, the loss of another. This artistic exploration which will be held at Concept 2092 - a project by Haven for Artists - deals with questions about mortality, bereavement and the affective dimension of loss. With death as my muse, I intend to celebrate life by contemplating its opposite and normalizing conversation around mortality. The pieces reference a time of nostalgic youth which invites participants to approach the subject of death with the innocence of unjaded, child-like curiosity.

Reverberations of Remembrance is an auditory meditation on grief created in collaboration with the AUB Robotics Club. The installation hosts several tin cans distributed around the exhibition space. By picking up a can, participants will eavesdrop onto pre-recorded voices emanating from within each – inspired by the telephone tin can. The selected recordings will feature poetry readings and first-hand accounts of loss.











Sensations on Cessation, is a collaboration with the band, yva and was engineered by Lamba Labs. The band composed five original pieces with each song as a musical interpretation of Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining. depression & acceptance.). Each of the musical swings represents a specific instrument. When participants use their bodies to sway through the various stages, they challenge the linearity of the model which assumes that grief follows a predictable template.



































Click here to listen to all five stages woven into one seamless track.

00:00 Hez Ya Wez/هز يا وز
01:14 Manam/منام
01:48 Jacket/جاكيت
02:27 Fal/فل
03:44 Tare2ak/طريئك


There will be an outdoor film screening every Sunday throughout the month of the exhibition at Haven for Artists.

Sunday, March 25: Departures (2008)

Sunday, March 1: Beginners (2010)

Sunday, March 8: Life Itself (2014)

Sunday, March 25: Three Colors: Blue (1993)